5. September 2011

if love is a word, i don't understand

hey guys,

my holidays are almost over. i wans't in another country like so many of you were, my parents had to work so it didn't work. i had pretty good holidays, much sleep, much food, much doing-nothing. i'm sorry for not being really active in blogging, i always want to blog but then .... ;D
i bought some cool new things for the fall/winter season 2011/2012, two pair of shoes, a hoodie and a bag, maybe i'll present you those in a post soon.
i didn't really take many photos these days but those below were taken in the last 5 weeks. hope you like them.
a crazy person is out there in the rain mowing the lawn and i don't really like this person rigth now, come on that's too loud for the morning :D hope it's more quiet at your place.

thx for reading!



p.s. favorite song!

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  1. vielen vielen dank fürs verfolgen, freut mich riesig! :)) ich mag deinen header!


freue mich über jeden kommentar :) also lasst euch aus!