26. Juni 2011

i wonder how they sleep at night

hey guys,

my holidays are almost over, school starts tomorrow and i hope you understand that i wasn't really active in blogging the last few weeks because i focussed on enjoying my holidays. i have started a little poject: i made a list of 120 books i want to read till christmas (found a list of must-have-read books on the internet). i want to expand my horizon because i was really obssessed by those vampire novels. so wish me luck, and if someone knows a book which i reeeeaaalllyyy have to read, tell me!

thx for reading!




  1. das 3. bild, was ist das für eine pflanze? :D ist das irgendwie ein bamwollbaum oder so?

    liebe grüße ♥

  2. du tust ja gerade so, als ob ich gerne rede XD

  3. hey, herzlichen dank für den Tip. werde mich sicher darauf achten.


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